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Questions and Answers About Oriental Medicine

# 1 question I am asked - Does it hurt?
      Answer - NO. People often associate needles with Hyodermic needles where a medium of some kind has to go through the needle. Let's mention gauges of needles. The smaller number means bigger, and the larger number actually means smaller. So a hypodemic needle used for injections, or IV's can be 18-31-gauge. Acupuncture needles are usually 34-40! Big difference! They are commonly tapped in place with a tube. This causes the needle to pass the pain barrier on the surface of the skin. No more fear of needles!

Question - How many sessions do you think I'll need?
       Answer - Depending on how long you have the condition, how severe or serious it is will all be determining factors in the number of treatments needed. Some general estimates that I can share from experience are,
     Sciatic nerve pain, if not running down the entire leg and has been there less than 5 months can often take 5 treatments.
      Infertility without severe comlications usually can achieve success with 8-10 treatments 1 week apart, or through 2 cycles.
       Acute injuries can sometimes take only 1-3 treatments.
      Chronic conditions may take many months and utilize several modalities to arrive at a breakthrough.

Question - What does a session cost?
    Answer - As of this date, a first 2 hour appointment is $70. Additional appointments are 1 hour and are $50. Raindrop Therapy is $60.
Question - Does Insurance cover Acupuncture?
     Answer- Yes, some insurance plans do cover acupuncture, but it does depend on the plan option, deductibles and co-pays. Some plans give just discounts for services. Medicare, T-19 and Medicaid and state insurance is not covered at this time.
Question - How long do have to lay there with the needles in and how many needles do you use?
     Answer-  Once all of the needles are in place, the patient will lay with the needles for about 22 minutes/ 45 minutes for addictions.
As for the amount of needles used per session, the average of 10-25 are used each session. 
Question? - If I am nervous about the treatment, can a friend or family member or the practitioner stay in the treatment room with me?
Answer -  That is perfectly fine. If this makes you more relaxed, the treatment can be more effective!
Question - What can you do to help with infertility?
Answer - Acupuncture can help regulate menstrual periods, help strenghthen flow and help with ovulation. Herbs are often used along with the Acupuncture treatments. Usual protacol is 1 treatment per week for at least 2 full cycles, or 8 weeks. It may take 3 months of treatments. These treatments can greatly increase the effectiveness of IVF and Artificial Insemmination.
Question - What is standard Process?
Answer - Stanard Process are Whole Food Natural Supplements. The company was established in 1929. It is one of the oldest and largest organic farms in the midwest! The products are very powerful, from my own experience. Reasonably priced. They have Vegan and Gluten free products. Only sold through healthcare practitioners.
Question - What is Cupping? What does it do?
Answer - Cups can be made of plastic, glass, or bamboo. They or round and the glass cups look like a fish bowl with a lip around the edge to lay smooth against the skin. The Bamboo cups are the original type and create the tightest suction. Plastic cups are not as hard of suction and use a pumping devise. Bamboo and glass require fire to go into the cup to pull out the oxygen to stick.
Cupping can be described as massage in reverse. Instead of digging and kneading, the cups draw upwards. When there is spasming, cramping, congestion, tightness, and pain, Cupping works great!