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Call Us Today!
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   Karen Schlais is a very caring, special person. She is the answer to my prayers! I was so ill, I thought I was on my way out ....
   After 7 weeks of treatment:
1 - Stomach and Vaginal pain, Gone
2 - Incontinence almost non-existent during the day
3 - Sleeping much better
4 - Depression, Gone and am happier
5 - Immune system improved-had swelling of lymph nodes which is almost gone
                                            Judy D
      " I just called to let you know that M. did geat over the weekend. She was able to play all of her (softball) games for the tournament, with no pain! She used the MyoPlus you gave her, instead of Advil. It really worked  like you said, and it didn't upset her stomach! Their team won 2nd in state! After the weekend she started volleyball, with still no pain. We couldn't have gotten through it without your help! Thank you so much!"
                                                                                            Julie S. (mom)
I want my dad and my brother to come. Acupuncture really works for me.